Intelligent autoresponder email marketing campaigns can save you lots of time, while creating a solid engagement process for prospective customers just as they begin engaging with you. Your autoresponder emails are crucial for converting strangers into customers.

Your weekly email newsletter is time-sensitive, and trapped in the present moment. Your autoresponder campaigns are eternal, and progress at the pace of your prospect’s knowledge of you, and is not limited by what you happen to be saying, writing, and sending right now.

Autoresponder Example

Out of Office Autoresponder Message

You’ve surely received an autoresponder like this before. You email someone, and you instantly receive a reply, telling you about the details of their vacation and when they expect to be back.

They don’t take the time to send you this email as soon as you hit their inbox. The entire purpose is that the autoresponder communicates what you need to know, in your timeframe, with total disregard of the sender’s timeframe.

For converting strangers into customers on your website, an autoresponder email sequence is typically used in concert with the stages of your sales funnel.

Consider how someone is feeling and thinking, just after they have subscribed to your list, and write your email to the customer avatar as they exist in that specific moment.

Typical Autoresponder Email Sequence

  • Thank you for subscribing! Here is your lead magnet. Follow me on social media.
  • Did you like the lead magnet? Here’s a story of someone who had a transformation because of it.
  • Here’s another story, of someone who faced my customer avatar’s main problems, and how they were transformed.
  • Brief mention of services.
  • Educational email about the industry or current environment.
  • People with this big problem seek a solution. I have a solution, and I will tell you next time.
  • Hard sell of services.
  • Educational email.
  • Survey request.

The better ESPs (Email Service Providers) will allow you to segment your lists based on their activities. If someone subscribes to your list after becoming your customer, for example, you don’t want to send them the ‘hard sell’ email – they should be left out of that step in the autoresponder sequence.

Autoresponder Email Marketing Platforms

  • ConvertKit
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • InfusionSoft

There are plenty of others available to choose from, but these are the ones that we typically work with and recommend to our clients.