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How long does it take you to produce your marketing content?

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

– Paul J. Meyer

Over the past ten years, I’ve created many pieces of digital content. To streamline my efforts, I’ve found it useful to templatize my most common activities.

Making a new website? Get out the Website Copy Workbook.

Launching a new product? Use the Post-Purchase Email Sequence.

Working with a new client? Make a copy of the Marketing Metrics Dashboard, to measure what matters in their business.

The Stellar Platforms Template Library contains the following templates:

  1. Customer Avatar Workbook
  2. Marketing Metrics Dashboard
  3. Sales Funnel Audit
  4. Cornerstone Calculator
  5. Value Ladder Workbook
  6. CTA Workbook
  7. Promo Copy Doc
  8. Website Copy Workbook
  9. Stellar Email Template
  10. Content Strategy Dashboard
  11. Client Analysis Template
  12. UTM Link Creator
  13. Sales Page Copywriting Workbook
  14. Webinar Planning Board
  15. Website Planning Board
  16. Online Course Audit
  17. 10-Point Webinar Script
  18. Onboarding Sequence
  19. Product Inventory Template
  20. Post-Purchase Sequence
  21. Launch Copy Workbook

(more in process all the time)

The price for full access to the Stellar Platforms Template Library is $1 each, at the time of purchase. By purchasing full access to this library, you will also have full access to the templates that I contribute to this library in the future – however, the price will go up by $1 for every template added.

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If you’re a busy entrepreneur, having an easy digest page with convenient links to all of my professional digital marketing templates will save you time, energy, and creative capacity.

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