Stellar Platforms typically works with clients in one of two ways – project or retainer.


After an initial discovery meeting, we agree upon a defined project scope and set a rate for those deliverables. Payment in full is required to begin work. Additional work identified or requested during the project will be considered “out of scope” and will result in a new project proposal, with deliverables due to be completed after the close of the first project.

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Everything that needs to get done, gets done. As new tasks are identified and defined, we handle them for you, as a member of your team..

We act as your outsourced marketing department, as independent contractors, without the hassle of hiring employees or negotiating benefits. Our monthly retainer levels and rates are listed below.

Contact us for a customized proposal to see if you qualify for our special pricing offer.

Hourly Rates

For coaching, consulting, production, or design, time can be reserved in 5-hour blocks at the rate of $200 per hour.


Communications Standards

Stellar Platforms responds to all emails within 24 hours, and all phone calls within one business day.

The fastest way for existing customers to receive service is through email.

If your websites or emails are having technical difficulties, we move to correct the problems as soon as humanly possible, and keep you apprised of every move we make to fix it.

Standard Contract Terms

Stellar Platforms, LLC accepts payment through Freshbooks, payable via credit card through our invoices sent via email, or directly via PayPal to payment@stellarplatforms.com.

Payment in full is required to begin work for projects, and due on the 1st of the month for Monthly Retainers.

While these terms are standard for most of our working relationships, Stellar Platforms reserves the right to mutually agree upon different terms with a client, in writing, at the beginning of a project.

Grant of Rights

Once full payment is received, Stellar Platforms grants all rights of the work to the client, for distribution, display, and reproduction, and retains the right to display the work in our own portfolio.

Change in Scope

For projects that contain fixed-cost bids, any change in the agreed-upon scope of work will result in an additional estimate and invoice within five (5) business days.

For projects billed on an hourly basis, if Stellar Platforms believes that the hours worked will exceed the agreed-upon budget by 10%, we will notify the client as soon as is reasonable in writing. If this is agreed to as acceptable by the client, in writing, the final invoice will contain all hours worked.


If the Client cancels this project for the Client’s convenience or for reasons not connected with the performance of Stellar Platforms, payment will not be refunded.

If the Client cancels the project for good cause related to our performance (e.g., neglecting the project, work being performed in a manner that is not timely and professional, etc.), payment shall be refunded in full, less the reasonable value of any deliverables accepted by the Client prior to cancellation for cause.

If billable work has exceeded an initial down payment, the client will be invoiced for the difference. Once paid, all artwork and coding completed will be given to the client.


The Experience


Want to know what it’s like working with Stellar Platforms? Review the testimonials.

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