Sales Funnel


A Sales Funnel is the progression between stranger and customer. This journey can be smooth and seamless, reducing friction and increasing revenue.


Your sales funnel is a defined series of steps that make up your customer’s journey, from strange to customer.

There are many ways to map your sales funnel, based on the stages that your prospective customer goes through. Three typical methods we use at Stellar Platforms are:

  • Actions the user takes
  • Website URLs for each stage
  • Emotional reactions that cause them to progress to the next stage

By looking at the continuum of the sales funnel, from start to finish, through these frameworks, you can identify ways to smooth the transition from one stage to the next.

That’s the ultimate purpose of a sales funnel, in the end – identify and remove any friction that could keep a stranger from becoming a customer.

Ten Ways A Sales Funnel Helps Your Business:

  • Define the progression between stranger and customer
  • Identification of the transition points between the stages
  • Develop language that is focused on every stage of the customer’s journey
  • New assets can be delivered into the correct phase of the customer’s journey
  • You can develop both beginners and advanced content, and use them at different points in your funnel
  • You can design some types of content to target people at specific stages of the funnel
  • You can identify where conversion is weakest, and focus your efforts on the points that will bring you the strongest return
  • Uncovers the weakest parts of your education and conversion process
  • Allows you to segment your content between broad and narrow
  • Allows you to decide how to eject unqualified prospects from your funnel

Ten Ways You Make More Money With Sales Funnels

  • You have a defined progression between stranger and customer
  • Every stage of your customer’s journey is mapped out in advance
  • You can identify – and target – the transition points between the stages
  • By optimizing those transition points you can effectively target leads for increased conversions and revenue
  • You have an easy destination to send your new leads
  • You can automatically convert segments of your audience as it grows
  • You can attract people at all stages of the customer journey
  • You can build your email list, which is a powerful asset for revenue and sales
  • You can cross-sell different segments of your list
  • You can collect leads that you can sell to for years

How We Make Your Sales Funnel Together

After a deep-dive 90 minute Skype call, Stellar Platforms makes a visual map of your entire sales funnel, front to back:

  • Lead Magnet
  • Opt-in Page
  • Autoresponders
  • Sales Page
  • Checkout
  • Delivery
  • Follow-Up

No matter what platforms or systems you are using – WordPress and InfusionSoft, Squarespace and ConvertKit, or Clickfunnels and Constant Contact – we will create and optimize each phase of your sales funnel.

A Sales Funnel is the difference between a hobby and a business.

Let’s make a sales funnel to fill today.

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