Onboarding Audit


  • Subscription to your email newsletters and opt-in to your lead magnets with testing accounts
  • Compilation of up to 10 days of autoresponders into Google Doc template for easy review
  • Screenshot digest of pages visited throughout your entire funnel
  • Specific recommendations for improvement and revision

Prices in USD.

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What do people see when they subscribe to your list?

"First impressions never have a second chance." - Charle Swindoll

When someone opts-in to your newsletter, the way you present yourself to them can have a huge impact on their perception of you.

Many times, our digital marketing automation can make mistakes. A broken link, a cropped image, or outdated content in your email autoresponders can create a bad impression about you for months, or even years.

Unless, that is, you audit your onboarding sequence.

A quarterly onboarding audit has the following benefits:

  • You can identify old or outdated messaging
  • You can repair broken links
  • You can update your messages with your newest offers
  • You can remove what is no longer relevant to your business

You can perform your own onboarding audit using the Stellar Onboarding Template. Subscribe to your own opt-in pages with a testing email address, wait a few days, and then copy and paste to see what you've got.

If you're a busy professional, and you'd rather hire an expert to do this for you, Stellar Platforms can complete a full onboarding audit in 2 weeks. This will provide you with:

  • A detailed document that contains all of the pages and copy that your newest users see upon subscription, so you can review your current onboarding sequence in one scroll
  • Suggested edits in the Google Doc, to improve clarity, tone, and messaging
  • Additional messages cross-selling and up-selling your services and offerings
  • Strategic advice on how to improve your onboarding sequence, delivered in a one-hour strategy call at the end of the project

Prices in USD.

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