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Stellar Platforms enables authors, coaches and speakers to make a living from their teachings.

Those famous authors that you look up to, the ones who have made a career of transforming lives like yours – they have built something that enables them to continue teaching, as the primary method of marketing and promoting their business.

They have a platform.

Their websites, books, and interviews all serve the same purpose: educating, informing, and illuminating their audience.

But this content also serves a second, subtler purpose, a purpose built into their platform at the most fundamental level: they create a livelihood for the teacher.

Stellar Platforms specializes in creating a platform that generates revenue from your content and experience.

Who We Are

Caelan Huntress

Caelan Huntress

Creative Director

Father of three, WordPress website designer, writer, digital marketer, multimedia producer, and retired superhero.

Matthew Koren

Matthew Koren

Strategic Director

Facilitator, strategist, professional learner, social psychologist, content marketer, management consultant, trainer, temporal mystic, musician.

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Meet The Creative Director

Caelan Huntress is the father of 3 kids, and spends his time helping business owners and thought leaders to distill their message, find their customers, and sell their products and services online.

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