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“Throughout the entire process of updating and re-designing our website, I was thoroughly impressed with Caelan’s work. He was consistently available once weekly for a phone conference to discuss ideas and progress, and was always available to field any questions I had. He also offered a lot of creative suggestions for the website design, and coaching and guidance for future ideas I have for our business growth, as it relates to our website. His willingness to offer further training to myself and my assistant for continued content updates to out site was a very nice bonus. Ultimately we are very pleased with his work and excited about the new website.”

Joshua Phillips, Clinic Director, Hawthorn Healing Arts Center

Marketing Strategy

Customer Avatars

5 hours

What You Get: 3 custom-designed PDFs, each with a name, picture, and descriptions of your typical market segments.

Perfect For: Early-to-mid stage businesses that are generating revenue, but not focused on any one service, product, or offering.

Customer Journey Map

5 hours

What You Get: A visual map of all the stages people take between Stranger and Customer.

Perfect For: Mid-to-late stage businesses that have all the components of a sales funnel, but aren’t using them together cohesively just yet.

Sales Funnel Review

2 hours

What You Get: Detailed analysis of all the stages of your existing sales funnel, with specific recommendations for improvement.

Perfect For: Entrepreneurs that are already making money with their website, but know they could be making a lot more.

Website Strategy

Homepage Review

1 hour

What You Get: Customized recommendations for optimizing your homepage for converting primary CTAs.

Perfect For: Anyone with a website.

Website Review

2 hours

What You Get: Everything in the Homepage Review, and plus specific recommendations for improving your sitespeed, SEO, and internal pages.

Perfect For: Website owners that know their website needs some work, but they are not sure what needs to be done.

WordPress Optimization

3 hours

What You Get: Everything in the Website Review, plus 1 hour of implementation and database backups.

Perfect For: Owners of a hacked website, a slow website, or a website that has plugins and themes that need to be updated.

Website Design

Home Page Redesign

5 hours

What You Get: Custom designed homepage focused on conversion, with high-quality stock photography, copywriting revisions, and strategic coaching on what to include and exclude.

Perfect For: A revenue-generating website overdue for a facelift.

Website Redesign

15 hours

What You Get: Homepage and internal page redesign, featured images for 20+ blog posts, sidebar and footer redesign, nav bar revision, and user flow strategy.

Perfect For: WordPress websites using a basic theme without customized colors, typography, or photography.

eCommerce Design

15 hours

What You Get: Graphic redesign of your product pages and checkout process.

Perfect For: Websites with a functioning shopping cart that looks ugly.

Content Marketing

Social Media Management

5 hours per month

What You Get: Active updates to all your social media accounts, an upcoming editorial calendar, and integration of accounts for cross-posting.

Perfect For: Established brands without an in-house social media producer.

Email Newsletter Management

5 hours per month

What You Get: Weekly newsletters written and designed for you, on your main topics. Drafts are sent 1+ weeks in advance for your review and revision. Maintenance of newsletter reply email address.

Perfect For: Growing businesses with a list of 1000+ people


5-20 hours per month

What You Get: Weekly or monthly in-depth blog post articles optimized for social media sharing and conversion through lead magnets and content upgrades,.

Perfect For: Busy entrepreneurs who want to keep their audience engaged without spending so much time writing.

Lead Magnet Production

5 hours

What You Get: Custom designed PDF ebook or email course adapted from your existing content.

Perfect For: Small email lists ready to grow to big email lists.

Autoresponder Revision

5-10 hours

What You Get: A complete top-to-bottom digital map of up to 30 autoresponder emails, with copyediting revision of existing emails and copywriting for new emails focused on converting readers to specified calls-to-action.

Perfect For: Lists of 5000+ people with an ad-hoc and confusing introduction process for new subscribers.


Quote Images

3 hours

What You Get: 30 unique, custom-designed 1080px square images, with beautiful stock photography and quotes from experts and topics you specify, with your brand identity and/or website prominently displayed, all scheduled to post over the next few weeks on all of your social media accounts

Perfect For: Established social media presences that need to deliver high-quality content to keep their audience engaged.

Revenue Generation

Sales Page Design

2-5 hours

What You Get: Custom designed sales page and sales copywriting focused on conversion, Google Analytics tracking and A/B testing capability.

Perfect For: Anyone with a product to sell or a lead magnet to promote.

Sales Funnel Production

15 hours

What You Get: A visual map of all the stages between Stranger and Customer, with production of all website pages in between.

Perfect For: Mid-size businesses who want an automated destination to direct new leads for conversion and revenue generation.

Product Launch Support

20 hours

What You Get: Marketing strategy and support, competitive analysis, pricing A/B testing, and project planning.

Perfect For: Successful entrepreneurs planning next season’s evergreen launch.

Digital Beautification


Branding Styleguide

1 hour

What You Get: An easy reference document with all of your brand colors, fonts, and design notes.

Perfect For: Mid stage entrepreneurs using multiple contractors and producers who want a unified brand statement across all of their media and platforms.

Graphic Design

By the hour

What You Get: Branded promotional advertisements, banners, and graphics, in multiple sizes and resolutions.

Perfect For: A new product, course, or service offering.

Logo Design

6 hours

What You Get: 3 distinct and unique logo options, followed by 2 rounds of revision on your favorite.

Perfect For: New entrepreneurs with a new idea, or established entrepreneurs with a new product or course.

Technical Programming

Sitespeed Improvement

2 hours

What You Get: Before-and-after reports documenting your page load time and sitespeed, with technical upgrades to improve both.

Perfect For: Slow websites with lots of plugins.

Website Setup

3 hours

What You Get: Customized WordPress installation on the domain of your choice; as many defined email addresses and forwarders as you want on that domain; customized Under Construction page with your brand identity and links to your social media profiles

Perfect For: A domain without a website.

Intro Video Production

5 hours

What You Get90 second intro video describing who you are, what you do, and why you are amazing, embedded into your homepage above-the-fold.

Perfect ForEntrepreneurs with a clear message and a growing audience.

SEO Reporting

3 hours

What You Get: Detailed report of your keyword ranking compared to your competitors; competitive analysis; technical recommendations for improving search ranking.

Perfect For: Websites 2+ years old that are just getting started with SEO.

SEO Overhaul

10 hours

What You Get: Detailed before-and-after reports documenting your search rankings for target keywords, internal deeplinking, external backlinking, and SEO strategy.

Perfect For: Great websites with low traffic.

eCommerce Development

20-40 hours

What You Get: Customized shopping cart selling your products securely.

Perfect For: Entrepreneurs with 5-50 different offerings and prices

Demand Generation

Social Media Setup

1 hour

What You Get: Social media profiles with your logo and branding on 5+ major social media platforms, seeded with 100+ followers, integrated to automatically post all new blog posts from your website. 

Perfect For: New brands and businesses.

PPC Advertising

5-10 hours

What You Get: Facebook or Google advertising campaign setup.

Perfect For: Anyone with a sales funnel, webinar, or lead magnet to promote to new audiences.


Press Release

5 hours

What You Get: Copywriting, formatting, and distribution of a promotional article on a topic that will be of interest to your audience.

Perfect For: Growing businesses that want to build their list and their audience.

List Building

Webinar Production

10 hours

What You Get: End-to-end webinar strategy and support, including registration management, reminder emails, live webinar engineering, and follow-ups.

Perfect For: Accomplished speakers with an existing presentation.


Keynote Design

5-10 hours

What You Get: Custom designed Keynote slides matching your brand, with high-quality stock photography and as-needed copyediting.

Perfect For: Speakers working on a new presentation.

Traffic Strategy

5 hours

What You Get: Market analysis, Google Analytics reports, and targeted outreach suggestions for relevant communities.

Perfect For: Established businesses that want to break out into a new or peripheral niche.

Teleseminar Production


Telesummit Strategy

3 hours

What You Get: Strategic coaching, competitive analysis, outreach and promotion tactics, timelines and production schedules.

Perfect For: Thought leaders who want to become the authority in their niche.

Interview Engineer

4 hours

What You Get: Live back-end support during interview, shareable blog post documenting interview, registration and follow-up emails

Perfect For: Interview hosts who do not have ongoing production support.


Summit Production

60 hours

What You Get: Complete end-to-end production of registration pages, interview airing pages, package sales page, upsell page, email autoresponders, and outbound promotion.

Perfect For: Thought leaders who want to become the authority in their niche, and are ready to make it happen.

Service Descriptions

Website Design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

A professional WordPress website design provides three major advantages to your digital platform:   WordPress Website Design Advantage #1: Updating your WordPress Website is easy. Getting an update to your website doesn’t have to involve lengthy...

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design changes the layout and size of website elements, for desktop, tablet, and mobile, based on the size of the screen resolution.

Membership Websites

Membership Websites

The advantages of a WordPress CMS are huge - you can easily upload new content, categorize it in your page structure, and organize pages and posts via tags. For premium content delivery, you can protect your best content from the general public by creating a...


Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Here at Stellar Platforms, where we work with the Rising Stars of Tomorrow, we like to make things look beautiful with professional graphic design. You can tell at a glance when someone has professional graphic design, and when they don't. It can attract or repel you...

Image Editing

Image Editing

Professional image editing can save you hours of time figuring out new graphic design programs. If you find yourself in a situation where you need: The background removed from your headshot A compelling graphic for a Facebook Ad campaign An eye-catching header for...

Video Production

Video Production

Video production creates a quick, digestible overview of an idea. Video marketing allows you to share your message on the platforms where your customer is already connected. A high-quality branded video will provide a professional image for your company, and establish...


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making your website easy to read by search engines. I wouldn’t go so far as calling Google stupid (it is, quite likely, the largest artificial brain on the planet) but it thinks in very different ways than we do. Part of the...

eCommerce Shopping Carts

eCommerce Shopping Carts

At its core, the purpose of your website is to help strangers become customers. The transaction where this formally happens on the Internet is usually in eCommerce shopping carts. The moment a new customer pays you for the first time, that is when they are putting...

Third Party Integrations

Third Party Integrations

Third party integrations can be confusing, but any website that is more than brochure-ware needs to manage multiple platforms by using them. What is 3rd party integration? Third party integrations with WordPress websites are when you sync another platform or account...

Sales Funnels

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

The best landing page design has one (and only one) clear goal for the user to take. The best landing pages have simple goals: Opt-in Buy now Share A landing page is optimized to make the user take one action - and if you provide distracting alternatives to that one...

Sales Funnel Strategy

Sales Funnel Strategy

The best sales funnel strategy helps a stranger become a customer. That's the purpose of your website, after all; if your website helps a stranger become a customer, it doesn't matter how ugly it is, or what fonts you use, or what kind of CMS or fancy plugins you use....

Lead Magnet Design

Lead Magnet Design

The top of your sales funnel offers a lead magnet to incentivize people to subscribe to your email newsletter, or to create an account on your membership website. A free ebook, an mp3 download, a whitepaper, or access to the resources section of your website, are all...

“Marketing my personal business has a new direction and focus thanks to Caelan. His talent for listening and understanding combined with his skills for painting the big picture really helps me to spend my advertising budget most effectively for getting the best results. Not only does he see the big picture from a unique perspective, he is able to map the steps to take my business in the direction that will be most beneficial for me and my clients.”

Sara Mustonen