Project Blocks

Project Blocks are easily definable segments of a project, which can either be ordered a la carte, or requested as part of a Retainer Package. Each Project Block comes with an estimated time to completion, which can vary depending on your existing digital assets.


Customer Avatars

5 Hours

What You Get: 3 custom-designed PDFs, each with a name, picture, and descriptions of your typical market segments.

Perfect For: Early-to-mid stage businesses that are generating revenue, but not focused on any one service, product, or offering. You’ve been throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, and with a little bit of focus, you know your business can serve your customers better, and generate more revenue.

Customer Journey Map

5 Hours

What You Get: A visual map of all the stages between Stranger and Customer.

Perfect For: Mid-to-late stage businesses that have all the components of a sales funnel, but aren’t using them together cohesively just yet.

Sales Funnel Review

2 Hours

What You Get: Detailed analysis of all the stages of your existing sales funnel, with specific recommendations for improvement.

Perfect For: Entrepreneurs that are already making money with their website, but know they could be making a lot more.



Homepage Review

1 Hour

What You Get: Customized recommendations for optimizing your homepage for conversion to your primary CTAs.

Perfect For: Anyone with a website.

Website Review

2 Hours

What You Get: Everything in the Homepage Review, plus recommendations for improving your sitespeed, SEO, and internal pages.

Perfect For: Website owners that know their website needs some work, but they are not sure what needs to be done.

WordPress Optimization

3 Hours

What You Get: Everything in the Website Review, plus 1 hour of implementation and database backups.

Perfect For: Owners of a hacked website, a slow website, or a website that has plugins and themes that need to be updated.


Home Page Redesign

5 Hours

What You Get: Custom designed homepage focused on conversion, with high-quality stock photography, copywriting revisions, and strategic coaching on what to include and exclude.

Perfect For: A revenue-generating website overdue for a facelift.

Website Redesign

15 Hours

What You Get: Homepage and internal page redesign, featured images for 20+ blog posts, sidebar and footer redesign, nav bar revision, and user flow strategy.

Perfect For: WordPress websites using a basic theme without customized colors, typography, or photography.

eCommerce Design

15 Hours

What You Get: Graphic redesign of product pages and checkout process.

Perfect For: Websites with a functioning shopping cart that looks ugly.



Social Media Management

5 Hours per month

What You Get: Active updates to all your social media accounts, an upcoming editorial calendar, and integration of accounts for cross-posting.

Perfect For: Established brands without an in-house social media consultant.

Email Newsletter Management

5 Hours per month

What You Get: Weekly newsletters written and designed for you, on your main topics. Drafts are sent 1+ weeks in advance for your review and revision. Maintenance of newsletter reply email address.

Perfect For: Growing businesses with a list of 1000+ people


5-20 Hours per month

What You Get: Weekly or monthly in-depth blog post articles optimized for social media sharing and conversion through lead magnets and content upgrades,.

Perfect For: Busy entrepreneurs who want to keep their audience engaged without spending so much time writing.

Lead Magnet Production

5 Hours

What You Get: Custom designed PDF ebook or email course adapted from your existing content.

Perfect For: Small email lists ready to grow.

Autoresponder Revision

5-15 Hours

What You Get: A complete top-to-bottom digital map of up to 30 autoresponder emails, with copyediting revision of existing emails and copywriting for new emails focused on converting readers to specified calls-to-action.

Perfect For: Lists of 5000+ people with an ad-hoc and confusing introduction process for new subscribers.


2-10 Hours

What You Get: Review and revision of any digital copy – email sequences, website pages, lead magnets, or course materials.

Perfect For: Prolific content producers who created something fast and didn’t have the time to make it polished.

Custom Quote Images

3 Hours

What You Get: 30 unique, custom-designed 1080px square images, with beautiful stock photography and quotes from experts and topics you specify, with your brand identity and/or website prominently displayed, all scheduled to post over the next few weeks on all of your social media accounts

Perfect For: Established social media presences that need to deliver high-quality content to keep their audience engaged.



Sales Page Design

2-5 Hours

What You Get: Custom designed sales page and sales copywriting focused on conversion, Google Analytics tracking and A/B testing capability.

Perfect For: Anyone with a product to sell or a lead magnet to promote.

Sales Funnel Production

15 Hours

What You Get: A visual map of all the stages between Stranger and Customer, with production of all website pages in between.

Perfect For: Mid-size businesses who want an automated destination to direct new leads for conversion and revenue generation.

Product Launch Support

20 Hours

What You Get: Marketing strategy and support, competitive analysis, pricing A/B testing, and project planning.

Perfect For: Successful entrepreneurs planning next season’s evergreen launch.



Branding Styleguide

1 Hour

What You Get: An easy reference document with all of your brand colors, fonts, and design notes.

Perfect For: Mid stage entrepreneurs using multiple contractors and producers who want a unified brand statement across all of their media and platforms.

Graphic Design

By the Hour

What You Get: Branded promotional advertisements, banners, and graphics, in multiple sizes and resolutions.

Perfect For: A new product, course, or service offering.

Logo Design

6 Hours

What You Get: 3 distinct and unique logo options, followed by 2 rounds of revision on your favorite.

Perfect For: New entrepreneurs with a new idea, or established entrepreneurs with a new product or course.



Sitespeed Improvement

2 Hours

What You Get: Before-and-after reports documenting your page load time and sitespeed, with technical upgrades to improve both.

Perfect For: Slow websites with lots of plugins.

Website Setup

3 Hours

What You Get: Customized WordPress installation on the domain of your choice; as many defined email addresses and forwarders as you want on that domain; customized Under Construction page with your brand identity and links to your social media profiles

Perfect For: A domain without a website.


2 Hours

What You Get:

Perfect For:

SEO Reporting

3 Hours

What You Get: Detailed report of your keyword ranking compared to your competitors; competitive analysis; technical recommendations for improving search ranking.

Perfect For: Websites 2+ years old that are just getting started with SEO.

SEO Overhaul

10 Hours

What You Get: Detailed before-and-after reports documenting your search rankings for target keywords, internal deeplinking, external backlinking, and SEO strategy.

Perfect For: Great websites with low traffic.

eCommerce Development

20-40 Hours

What You Get: Customized shopping cart selling your products securely.

Perfect For: Entrepreneurs with 5-50 different offerings and prices



Social Media Setup

1 Hour

What You Get: Social media profiles on 5+ major social media platforms, with your logo and branding, integrated to automatically post all new blog posts from your website. Seeded with 100+ followers on each.

Perfect For: New brands and businesses.

PPC Advertising

5-10 Hours

What You Get: Facebook or Google advertising campaign setup.

Perfect For: Anyone with a sales funnel, webinar, or lead magnet to promote to new audiences.

Press Releases

5 Hours

What You Get: Copywriting, formatting, and distribution of an article on a topic that will be of interest to your audience.

Perfect For: Growing businesses that want to build their list and their audience.



Webinar Production

10 Hours

What You Get: End-to-end webinar strategy and support, including registration management, reminder emails, live webinar engineering, and follow-ups.

Perfect For: Accomplished speakers with an existing presentation.

Keynote Design

5-10 Hours

What You Get: Custom designed Keynote slides matching your brand, with high-quality stock photography and as-needed copyediting.

Perfect For: Speakers working on a new presentation.

Traffic Strategy

5 Hours

What You Get: Market analysis, Google Analytics reports, and targeted outreach suggestions for relevant communities.

Perfect For: Established businesses that want to break out into a new or peripheral niche.



Telesummit Strategy

5 Hours

What You Get: Strategic coaching, competitive analysis, outreach and promotion tactics, timelines and production schedules.

Perfect For: Thought leaders who want to become the authority in their niche.

Interview Engineer

4 Hours

What You Get: Live back-end support during interview, shareable blog post documenting interview, registration and follow-up emails

Perfect For: Interview hosts who do not have ongoing production support.

Summit Production

60 Hours

What You Get: Complete end-to-end

Perfect For: Thought leaders who want to become the authority in their niche, and are ready to make it happen.