2019 Resolutions Writing Webinar

Let’s write our 2019 New Years Resolutions together! Hosted by Caelan Huntress, there are 2 sessions – 12 PM NZ time, and 12 PM Pacific time, on January 1st in each time zone. Click below for calendar reminders, or RSVP in the form below.


Session 1 - NZ timeSession 2 - US time


12 pm – Welcome, housekeeping, what to expect.
12:05 pm – Introductions: Anyone who wants to share will say who you are, where you are in the world, and what your biggest win was of 2018
12:15 pm – Microphones on mute, chat box open, everyone writes their resolutions down
12:45 pm – Everyone takes a turn to read their resolutions aloud, and declare who they are going to be next year


Where is this held?
This is an online event. You can attend from any laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How do I attend?
Go to https://stellarplatforms.com/zoom and if you do not have Zoom already installed, it will take only a moment to set it up.

Do I have to have my camera on?
No. Cameras are optional.

Do I have to read my resolutions to everyone?
No. You can just listen if you like.

Is there any cost? Do I have to register?
This event is free. You can RSVP to this event on Facebook if you like, or you can just show up. If you want an email reminder, you can RSVP and fill out the form below.

Who is hosting?
Caelan Huntress, creative director of Stellar Platforms.

When is this, exactly?
There are 2 sessions, one at 12 pm New Zealand time on January 1, and one at 12 pm Pacific Time on January 1.

Resolution Party RSVP Form

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