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You can teach students across space and time.

Only a few years ago, education was almost always an in-person event.

Learning from a teacher could only be done in their presence; or if you were lucky, there was a distance-learning option, a mail-order substitute for education that limited you to hard text. Books. Notebooks. Handwriting notes and questions and answers, and sending them through the mail, like some sort of savage.

It seems almost primitive, in the Internet age, now that we have such amazing capabilities to spread ideas around the world.

You no longer have to meet with your students face-to-face.

For the first time in history, you can collect your teachings and share them with anyone, anywhere, at anytime in the future.

What Is Stellar Platforms?

We convert your existing content and ideas into an interactive learning experience.

Stellar Platforms is a full-service digital marketing agency.

Our in-depth 6-month process coaches you through the creation of your flagship product, the identification of students hungry for your material, and creates the digital infrastructure to allow your students to purchase and engage with your deepest teachings.

After working with us, you will have an evergreen course that can be promoted easily during any speech, webinar, appearance, or gathering. By simply promoting your website, your best students will be able to:


Your premium course securely online


The members-only area of your website


From a curriculum based upon your work

Who This Is For

Published Authors, Coaches, and Trainers

You’ve been writing a long time, developing your ideas and your content. You’ve built an audience that knows and respects you.

But you haven’t been able to provide the ongoing training and support for your students that would help them to engage deeply with your teachings.

You need a course, of course.

If your teachings and ideas could be packaged into a curriculum for your students to follow, they could purchase exclusive access to your best work. You can grow your customer base by doing what you do best: speaking, teaching, and spreading your message.

What Stellar Platforms Can Do For You

A new student hears you speak at an event. You mention your online course, and they write down the website address to review it later. When they get home, they look at your beautifully designed sales page, which details all of the specific benefits to purchasing and enrolling in your online course.

With just a few clicks, they purchase your course, and are granted access to a members-only area of your website. Here they can browse through all of your videos, articles, and audio files, organized into a lesson-by-lesson curriculum for them to follow.

The Online Course Creation Process

Envision Your Future

We get started by planning where you want to be in one year. Published book deal? Thousands of seats filled? Students worldwide? Let’s map it out.

Analyze Your Position

We get to know you, your content, your audience, your competition, and your products. Then we plan the launch of your new platform, step by step.

Organize Your Content

Together we organize your existing content and develop the new pieces that are needed to build an online course that your students will crave.

Produce New Content

You will work hard at creating new videos, recording audio files, writing a new book proposal, or developing a keynote speech, with us as your coaches and digital support team.

Prepare For Launch

We edit and revise your offering to match your audience, interview beta testers, and create a strong and long-lasting product-market fit.

Audience Development

It’s time to fill the sales funnel with new students. We identify peripheral audiences for you to target, and help create joint ventures with others in your niche.

You can give your students online access to your greatest teachings.

All the world’s knowledge is suddenly freely available to everyone, everywhere.

What we need now are the teachers who can help their students on a global scale.

If you are ready to build the digital platform that will support your online presence for the next 5-10 years of your career, contact us for a custom proposal. We will review your content, your audience, and your market to create customized recommendations for your future.

We only work with a select number of clients each year. If you would like to work with us, contact us today for a free consultation. In one hour, we will assess your audience, your message, and your brand, and provide our best ideas for developing your future career.