An online store, secure members area of your website, and integration with your bank accounts.


Customers need a way to pay you, and to access what they have purchased from you. That’s eCommerce. If you have enough existing content that can be turned into an online course, selling your teachings online can be passive and profitable. If you have premium content that you can sell for a price, those can become products that your biggest fans can purchase from you. Anytime you create new content, you can add it into your store, and cross sell it to your existing list.

Ten Ways eCommerce Helps Your Business:

  • Customers can pay you online, easily and securely
  • Prospects can review your different rates and products
  • Customers show up out of the blue
  • Once set up, generates a passive income stream
  • Saves time and manpower over making orders in person or over the phone
  • Less friction in the sales process
  • Many people prefer to buy online instead of in person – increased customer convenience means more sales
  • Automatically establishes credibility and a positive reputation
  • Destination for attention to convert
  • You can make a living off an eCommerce website

Ten Ways eCommerce Makes You Money

  • People can pay you anytime, from anywhere in the world – 24/7, 365
  • You don’t have to be present for the transaction – literally make money while you sleep
  • As your message resonates more deeply with people, they have options for purchasing a deeper connection to your work
  • You can send links to interested prospects with options to purchase
  • All your content marketing can refer to the product purchase links
  • More easily can cross-sell and up-sell additional items
  • New customers appear out of nowhere, and are converted without your active input
  • You can use discount and coupon codes for sales promotion periods
  • New customers know exactly how to patronize your business
  • Return customers can browse all your offerings – and share your eCommerce links with friends

What’s included?

  • Shopping cart integration with your website
  • Secure members area for students to access premium content
  • Login and support functions for members
  • The Online Course Creation Process
  • Curriculum development from your existing content


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