One of the best ways to start a working collaboration with Stellar Platforms is to hire Caelan for a short-term coaching engagement. This allows us to work together on a small project, and we can both see if we are a fit for one another, before committing to a longer-term arrangement.

My coaching rate is $200 an hour, and my time can be reserved in 5-hour blocks. Payment in full is required to begin a coaching engagement.

Example 1

An author with an idea wants to create an online course for her audience. She hires Stellar Platforms for 5 hours of coaching, to dive deeply into her material, outline what the course would contain, and describe the creation phases and marketing plan.

She pays $1000 for 5 hours of coaching, which are scheduled over 2 weeks. The first day she spends 2 hours with her very own high-level branding strategist, who spends another hour later in the week working organizing her material into a proposed curriculum.

In the second week, she is given a comprehensive marketing plan for her new course, with timelines and deliverables. Two more hour-long coaching sessions enable her to get recommendations on course delivery platforms, implementation support, and feedback on strategy.

Example 2

An association with 50,000 members needs a website directory for their membership. The database needs to be easy to navigate for members, but hidden from the public.

The marketing chair for the association hires Stellar Platforms for five hours of coaching. During their time together, she guides them through the different levels of data that are in their databases, describes how they need to be organized, and gives enough information to create a customized proposal for a longer, 5-month project.

Once the coaching engagement is complete, she has a full scope of the requirements for the new association website. She can take this scope of work to the board, where they can decide on either hiring Stellar Platforms, or shopping the project to other firms, now that they have a full technical scope of what is required for the project.

Example 3

An online marketer with three successful course launches over the past two years hires Stellar Platforms for launch support for their next product launch.

During this 10-hour block of time, the product creator describes what has been successful in previous launches, and Caelan analyzes existing launch data to determine the most powerful launch strategy for the next program.

Together we collaborate on creating a 90-day product launch plan that the product creator can implement with their own team.

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