Shame Free Zone

Digital Production Schedule - Q1 & Q2 2018


Website Design

Theme Redesign

7 hours

What You Get: WP Genesis theme and internal page redesign, new featured images for 20+ blog posts, sidebar and footer redesign, nav bar revision, and user flow strategy.

Home Page Redesign

3 hours

What You Get: Custom designed mobile-first homepage focused on conversion to new lead magnets, with 2 copywriting revisions, and strategic coaching on what to include.

Membership Section

5 hours

What You Get: Final implementation of the 3-tier membership system, including multi-tier Welcome page with different content for users with different levels of access.

Audio Library Upload

3 hours

What You Get: Upload of 190 episodes to SSP (podcast hosting), with episode entries on website (accessible only to paid lifetime members with access to the archive.)


2 hours

What You Get: Complete deployment of the new membership area to from the sandbox to the live website, testing with dummy accounts, troubleshooting as needed.


Sales Page Design - EPF

4 hours

What You Get: Long form sales page for EPF video course with sales copywriting focused on conversion, detailed outline of course topics.

Sales Page Design - Coaching

4 hours

What You Get: Long form sales page for high-end coaching packages conveying your social proof, thought leadership, and credibility.

4-Video Pre Production

2 hours

What You Get: Scriptwriting assistance, calls-to-action, promotion strategy and directing assistance.

4-Video Lead Magnet Page

5 hours

What You Get: Multiple lead magnets delivered in a 4-week drip sequence on a single page, with autoresponder sequence delivering successive lead magnets.

4-Video Post Production

3 hours

What You Get: Customised editing of your videos, motion graphics opening sequence, text overlays, minor effects.


Video Engineering

4 hours

What You Get: Live back-end support during FB Live office hours, production process for publication and distribution of video recordings on blog and other platforms.

Autoresponder Cycles

5 hours

What You Get: A complete digital map of up to 20 autoresponder emails in up to 4 funnels, with copywriting focused on promoting content and selling your products.

Intro Video Production

6 hours

What You Get90 second intro video describing who you are, what you do, and why you are amazing, embedded into your homepage above-the-fold. Motion graphics, text overlays, stock video cuts, scriptwriting and direction.

FB Ad Campaigns

5 hours

What You Get: Complete setup, maintenance, and optimisation of up to 3 FB ads per month. (Does not include ad spend.)


EPF Video Course

15 hours

What You Get: Video formatting, lesson page content and design, resource aggregation, workbooks and interactive forms as needed.

Sales Funnel Analysation

5 hours

What You Get: A visual map of all the stages between Stranger and Customer, with analysis and feedback on every conversion point.


Marketing Strategy

Customer Avatars

5 hours

What You Get: 3 custom-designed PDFs, each with a name, picture, and descriptions of your typical market segments.

Customer Journey Map

5 hours

What You Get: A visual map of all the stages people take between Stranger and Customer.

Customer Surveys

5 hours

What You Get: Survey distribution to your audience, and detailed analysis of the responses, with specific recommendations based on their answers.

Content Marketing

Editorial Calendar

3 hours

What You Get: Detailed calendar outlining upcoming content creation and publication; lead magnet promotion; product promotioin; ongoing community management.


Quote Images

3 hours

What You Get: 30 unique, custom-designed 1080px square images, with beautiful stock photography and quotes from experts and topics you specify, with your brand identity and/or website prominently displayed, all scheduled to post over the next few weeks on all of your social media accounts.


Book Copyediting

5 hours

What You Get: Critical feedback on the EPF manuscript, with feedback on voice, pacing, and structure.

Book Proposal

10 hours

What You Get: Templates, feedback, and collaboration on producing a professional book proposal. Even if you self-publish, the marketing insights from producing this document is worth it.


Content Marketing

Social Media Management

5 hours per month

What You Get: Active updates to all your social media accounts, an upcoming editorial calendar, and integration of accounts for cross-posting.

Email Newsletter Management

5 hours per month

What You Get: Weekly newsletters written and designed for you, on your main topics. Drafts are sent 1+ weeks in advance for your review and revision. Maintenance of newsletter reply email address.


10 hours per month

What You Get: Weekly or monthly in-depth blog post articles optimized for social media sharing and conversion through lead magnets and content upgrades,.

Technical Programming

Sitespeed Improvement

2 hours

What You Get: Before-and-after reports documenting your page load time and sitespeed, with technical upgrades to improve both.

SEO Reporting

3 hours

What You Get: Detailed report of your keyword ranking compared to your competitors; competitive analysis; technical recommendations for improving search ranking.

SEO Overhaul

10 hours

What You Get: Detailed before-and-after reports documenting your search rankings for target keywords, internal deeplinking, external backlinking, and SEO strategy.

Demand Generation

Traffic Strategy

5 hours

What You Get: Market analysis, Google Analytics reports, and targeted outreach suggestions for relevant communities.

PPC Advertising

5-10 hours

What You Get: Facebook or Google advertising campaign setup.


Press Release

5 hours

What You Get: Copywriting, formatting, and distribution of a promotional article on a topic that will be of interest to your audience.

Lead Magnet Production

5 hours

What You Get: Custom designed PDF ebook, interactive quiz, or email course adapted from your content.

Webinar Production

10 hours

What You Get: End-to-end webinar strategy and support, including registration management, reminder emails, live webinar engineering, and follow-ups. Can be used for live or evergreen webinars.