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The Belcher Formula Workbook
Call out to your audience – define them by name

Get their attention – big headline that makes a big promise

Backup the promise – make a quick explanation

Identify the problem – describe the pain points

Provide the solution – describe the outcome they want

Show the cost of development – how hard it is to develop it yourself

Explain how easy it can be – put their worries to rest

Show speedy results – they could have their problem solved quickly

Future cast – help them visualize a better future

Show your credentials – why you are the right person

Detail the benefits – get into specifics

Insert social proof – testimonials and logos

Make your offer – lay out the basic terms

Add bonuses – throw in extras

Build up the value – describe how much it should all cost

Finally reveal your price – positioned against the previous number, it’s a deal

Inject scarcity (if any) – limited time, expiring bonuses, competition could go first

Give a guarantee – reduce the risk

Call to action – specifically ask them to do one specific thing

Give a warning – if they don’t, what could they lose

Close with a reminder – P.S. don’t forget this point