Pipeline Time


4-Week Live Training Program

Hosted by Caelan Huntress

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Selling yourself is not why you got into your business - but, nobody can sell you...EXCEPT you.

If you want more clients, or more customers, or more revenue, there's only one solution: spend time with your pipeline.

Do you ever find yourself...

  • avoiding your hottest prospects?
  • not returning emails from potential customers?
  • putting off the phone calls that actually make you money?

There is a simple strategy for overcoming your fears, and making Pipeline Time an easy, automatic process.

All you need is to figure out:

  • what to do,
  • who to call,
  • what to say, and
  • who is next on your list.

We will figure this out for your business, and together we will create a simple series of checklists for you to execute during your weekly Pipeline Time.

"This program has massively changed my business. I find that it's all too easy to put aside the crappy work, but it's easy to get it done with other people. Each week Caelan had a workbook, or a spreadsheet, or a template that helped me do the challenging foundational work that nobody else can do but me, and now, I have a stream of new clients coming to me because of what I've accomplished in this program." - Erin Donley

There are 4 live weekly 2-hour workshops in Pipeline Time, the new sales training program for solopreneurs, hosted by Caelan Huntress:

  1. Your Pipeline
  2. Your Process
  3. Your Progress
  4. Your Pitch

Week 1: Your Pipeline

First, we will define and articulate the 4 stages of your sales pipeline. What makes a qualified lead? How do we know when someone has signalled interest in working with you? What are all the requirements that need to be fulfilled before someone can make a buying decision? Together, we will identify and clarify every stage of your sales pipeline.

Week 2: Your Process

Next, we decide what to do when you work your pipeline. We collect all the requirements for someone to move from one stage of your pipeline to the next. These requirements become checklists you will use to move people forward from stage to stage, and serve as the agenda for your weekly Pipeline Time.

Week 3: Your Progress

What's effective? What's not? What do you need to measure? This workshop will help you to measure the metrics that matter, so you can calculate your conversion rate. Once you know your numbers, you can achieve the results you want just by meeting a simple activity goal every day.

Week 4: Your Pitch

To become confident in asking for business, you just need practice. Together, we will roleplay our pitches and practice closing techniques. You will receive simple content formulas that you can use to craft clear pitches, and convert your conversations into customers.

About Your Sales Trainer

Hi, I'm Caelan Huntress. I'm a marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. What's unique about me is that I'm not just a marketer and copywriter. I spent ten years building a career in sales before I got into digital marketing. I understand the psychology and the art of selling, and my specialty is helping entrepreneurs set up systems that sell their offers automatically.

Please note: Pipeline Time is 4 live workshops, not pre-recorded classes.

You will not be just watching and listening for 2 hours - you will be doing.

During each weekly video session, you will be given time for execution. Each meeting starts with 45 minutes of instruction, and a demonstration of that week's workbook. Then we break for 30 minutes, while you will work to build your pipeline, implementing your new tools, techniques, and templates. Then, we meet back on Zoom for Show And Tell, when you will share with others what we have accomplished, and get feedback from your peers.

Pipeline Time starts 9 March 2020 US / 10 March 2020 NZ

Preview the live workshop times on your calendar here. Weekly meetings will be recorded and replays will be available.

You only need to spend a couple of hours every week selling yourself - if you know exactly what to do, when it's Pipeline Time.

This program will give you an easy, repeatable process for generating leads, following up, and getting new clients.

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