Customer Avatar Production


Define your best customer personas, with three custom-designed PDFs outlining your Customer Avatars. Each Customer Avatar will have a name, photograph, demographic information, common objections, and buying triggers.

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Having a set of defined Customer Avatars enables you to tailor your communications to the right kind of person. You can discourage the wrong kinds of people, and welcome the best kinds of customers, by defining the persona that is most likely to bring you business and become a repeat customer.

The Customer Avatar Creation Process

The process starts with an hour-long coaching call, where we ask targeted, specific questions about your business, your process, and your current customer base.

Then we move into competitive analysis, examining how your top 3 competitors are marketing themselves to your overlapping audience.

We create a first draft of at least 3 different Customer Avatars, and provide them to you for feedback and review.

Using your guidance, we create 2 additional drafts of the Customer Avatars, until we have a series of final, high-resolution PDFs that you can print out, put on your wall, and look at frequently to visually remind you who you are selling to, and how they like to be sold.

Ten Ways This Helps Your Business:

  • You know the person who is buying from you
  • You can tailor your communications to specific kinds of people
  • You must think about what real-world problems they are dealing with
  • Developing customer avatars makes you reconsider your assumptions – with a defined “ideal client” profile
  • You may uncover language that can become a great headline
  • You can address a specific person in your communications – rather than a vague idea of who they might be
  • You can easily identify potential customers in a crowd or on the internet
  • You can design lead magnets that will convert to customers
  • You will know how to describe your products in a way that will interest your most likely buyers
  • New ideas have an automatic litmus test for viability – would the avatar like it?

Ten Ways You Make More Money with Customer Avatars

  • You know exactly what problems you are solving – and for whom!
  • You can target your communication for maximum conversion
  • Your prospective customers will identify strongly with your brand
  • When you sit down to write a message, you know exactly whom you are addressing
  • All your messaging will have a unified focus – solving this person’s problem.
  • You can measure your effectiveness against these personas and make strategic decisions to change your business
  • You will have a metric to guide new business decisions: Will this persona like this or not?
  • You will be able to identify potential customers very quickly
  • You will have the language to get your new customer’s attention quickly
  • You can position your products to powerfully solve your customer’s problems

Gain critical marketing insight on your business.

Develop your Customer Avatars, and you can know who you are selling to, and why they buy from you.

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