Content Strategy Workshop


  • 3 Hour On-Site Workshop With Your Team
  • Develop a Collaborative and Automated Content Strategy on Your Website and Social Media
  • Templates for Content Creation and Publication


Every minute you spend wondering where to post, and how to promote, is a minute stolen from the production capacity of your business.

The biggest brands, the most daring thought leaders, the best examples in your industry – they don’t wonder what to do next after hitting ‘publish.’

The best companies have a plan.

How to Develop a Content Strategy Plan

In the course of one 3-hour workshop, Creative Director Caelan Huntress can guide your team to create a simple, repeatable content strategy plan. When someone in your organisation creates a piece of content, they will know exactly what to do with it, and how to repurpose that content to achieve your business goals.

A strong content strategy has been known to have the following effects:

  • Reduce content production time, cutting your labor costs
  • Empower employees to make simple content decisions quickly and easily
  • Enable your content team to focus their time on creating good content
  • Amplify the value of your content assets for your business

Workshop Agenda

  1. Introductions, offline and online
  2. Credentials organisation for brand accounts
  3. Audit of current position and positioning
  4. Brainstorm Worksheet – Content Advocates
  5. Identification of Communities of Purpose
  6. Brainstorming Worksheet – Content to Create
  7. Swipe folder system for content asset sharing
  8. Brainstorming Worksheet – Where To Publish
  9. Post-Publication Workflow
  10. Repurposing Content into More Content
  11. Editorial calendar scheduled for 1, 3, and 12 months
  12. List of achievable, specific next steps delegated

When this workshop is complete, your team will earn the clarity, focus, and enthusiasm that will make them successful in promoting your company’s content.

You can re-use the provided Worksheets in the future, and at the end of the workshop you will have a series of digital assets – Google Docs and Sheets – documenting the decisions and progress made during the workshop.


What is Caelan Like?

Lisa Garr The Aware Show“Caelan has a great way of taking your vision and making it a reality. He works really well with visionaries – I speak it, and he makes it happen! His website design for The Aware Show really captured my personality, and his project management skills kept my entire team on track. The beautiful summits he put together helped us to grow our list and expand our audience. Caelan is always positive and keeps a positive outlook on life!”

 – Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show

andy-horner“Caelan is a talented digital marketer who is always in beast mode – always zoned in, every pixel, every letter, every plugin, every line. He will help you discover the online success you’ve been hunting for.”

 – Andy Horner, CEO of Outstand

“Not only was Caelan highly proficient in his professional skills, but he was also amazing to work with. His positive attitude helped make the project run smoothly and on time. I was impressed by the way he projected integrity in everything he did.”

 – James Twyman, NYT Bestselling Author

Companies with a good content strategy are able to spend their time and skill on the right things. Develop a strong content strategy with a professional digital marketer, and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

To Get Started

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