144 Promo Posts


  • 6 months of promotional content scheduled to post
  • Unique messages across 3 different social media networks
  • Promotion of your lead magnets and signature offers
  • Interspersed with on-brand quotes and excerpts of your content

Are your social media channels silent?

“Social Media puts the ‘public’ into PR and the ‘market’ into marketing.”

– Chris Brogan

Having accounts on every social media platform is not enough. A social media content plan will populate your account with targeted activity.

Studies have shown that companies who sell on social have a far greater ROI—57% vs. 26%.

Scheduling 144 Promo Posts as a social media content plan will:

  • Post regularly to update 3 of your social media accounts 2x/week for 6 months
  • Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn
  • Continual promotion of your top-of-funnel lead magnets (to build your list)
  • Continual promotion of your sales pages (to drive revenue)

You can post every once in a while, about the topics you happen to think of in the moment, when you remember to get around to it.

Or, you can have a marketing strategy behind your constant content.

By using the Stellar Platforms content creation process, we can:

  • Write clear Calls-to-Action to promote your top-of-funnel lead magnets and signature services
  • Automate posts to share these CTAs with your network for the next 6 months
  • On-brand quotes interspersed with your marketing messages
  • Twice-weekly posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through your social media scheduler of choice

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“It’s really nice to work with a professional who knows what they’re doing, works really fast, and knows what needs to be done, even if I can’t articulate it. I ended up with solutions or fixes for every problem I brought to the table. Caelan is completely pro, on top of his game, and is worth every dime you invest in working with him.”

Allen Mathews