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Get detailed feedback on your homepage from a professional website designer.
Caelan Huntress Stellar Platforms

Caelan Huntress

Website Designer

How is your homepage?

If you’d like an in-depth critique of your website homepage, I can create a customised video review for you.

Here’s what I will do:

  • Describe 4 things I like about your homepage
  • Describe 4 things I would improve
  • Link to your website from my blog and YouTube channel (gooooo backlinks!)

Published Homepage Reviews

This is what you get


“Caelan, thank you so much for the thorough and specific review of my site. This was incredibly helpful and uncovered some important elements that I had not thought of and would have never discovered on my own. I will be implementing all of the improvements that you suggested as well as modifying some of the things that you’ve pointed out. Your specific and knowledgable recommendations were spot on and will allow me to improve my site for the next launch of the Council of Visionary Business Builders. I cannot thank you enough!”
Michael Knouse

Business Coach, Council of Visionary Business Builders

“Caelan – Thank you! It feels great to learn what will give my clients a better online experience with me.”
Erin Donley


“Caelan, you rock! Thank you for the review. You picked out some really useful improvements on my site that I never would have gotten on my own.”
Bob Schwenkler

Life Coach

“Fab review Caelan, I really appreciate the time and thought you put into this – thank you! It’s always fascinating (and scary!) to see your site through the eyes of other people and I’ll definitely be implementing your recommendations pronto!

Funny thing is, I knew you’d pick up on the poor legibility of the headline text and yet still I hadn’t done anything about it. Adding social proof is something I’d not thought to include – even though I have it on my Facebook page. Crazy! Thank you for the superb suggestions – and for all the nice things you said too 😊”

El Edwards


“Spot on Caelan! Thanks so much for taking the time to do a Homepage Review for us. I look forward to working with you to make your improvement suggestions happen. We love the work that you do for us Caelan. Because of your talent and professionalism we are able to reach many more people with our message for caring for the planet!”

Environmental Vaudevillian, EarthCapades

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